Logo Concept

Since 1975, World Hindi Conferences have been organized in different countries across the globe. The 10th World Hindi Conference is being held from 10-12 September, 2015 in the city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The primary aim of these include propagation and promotion of Hindi language, to establish Hindi as a language, to make Hindi an important and key medium of education and to promote use of Hindi language in the research and literary works by foreign and Indian nationals.

The "Logo” of 10th World Hindi Conference highlights the primary ethos of the Conference and hence this logo has been developed in Hindi. The peacock shown in logo is India’s national bird whose unique and distinct feathers represent the country’s varied and colourful traditions and culture.

The number "१० " in the logo is representative of the 10th World Hindi Conference. The city of Bhopal, being the venue of the Conference, has been especially highlighted inside the globe in number " १० ".

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